My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Korede is the cleaner… literally, she cleans up after her sister’s murders. Her latest (the 3rd overall) is a boyfriend she had only been dating for a month, but Ayoola says he wanted to get serious and when he found out she didn’t feel the same, he attacked. She says it was self defense… was it?

Korede has a successful career as a nurse and her fastidious nature allows her to excel in the workplace. but when she finds her sister’s actions start to impede, she might have to push back. 

Sibling rivalry, secrets, and an ugly pattern of enabling.

Set in the Nigerian capital city of Lagos, this 225 page book hums along quickly. I was able to read thought it in only a couple hours. Its short chapters rotate between the characters’ memories and the present action of two women in the midst of a deadly game of infatuation and cover-up. The is for the reader looking for a quick, psychological, weekend thrill ride.


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  1. Just finished this! Really interesting! I know I have covered for my siblings. I don’t think I would cover for murder though!

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