Wingspan by Chris Bohjalian

A very short story of two flight attendants in frank discussion during a transatlantic flight. It is in script format and was originally done as a one-act play. This really allows for the reader to focus on every piece of dialogue.

The main character of the story is Emily, who is newly trained and admits to taking on the career to combat her fear of flying. She is put on this flight to London as a last-second sub and is forced to face her flying over water. Karen has been a steward for a number of years. She is quite witty and is quick to push Emily’s buttons. But what comes out in their conversation may be a little more serious and damaging than Emily first lets on. Her 30,000 foot confession is related to issues of consent and abuse.

Bohjalian has created a unique snapshot of a woman in a vulnerable situation. It’s a short plot arc in just a couple dozen pages, but it’s one that is able to come to a realistic and fulfilling conclusion.

4 out of 5 stars.

Releases as a Vintage Short on March 26th.

Thank you to NetGalley, Doubleday Publishing, and Bohjalian for an advanced copy for review.

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