Discussion Post: My Fictional Bucket List. Top 5 visits

I got the idea from this post from Danielle at The Reading Closet. Here’s the post of her Fictional Bucket List.

Here are my 5:

Jade city2

The Island of Kekon from Jade City by Fonda Lee: The opening scene of the gangsters eating at the restaurant got me. The docks, the temples, the mansion/ compound on the hill. I can’t wait to be dropped back into this setting at the end of July when Jade War is released.


The Silo from Wool by Hugh Howey: I know, this one is a little dark. But I want to hear the clang of my boots as I climb up and down the central staircase. So much of that book is atmosphere, and I would love to experience it.

ready player one

The Oasis in Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: What a fun trip that would be… I don’t know what my avatar would be though. I’d have to think a little harder about that. But there are so many worlds within that world that could be explored. Cline does such a great job developing both settings in RP1.

beautiful ruins

Porto Vergogna from Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter: A small fishing village on the coast of Italy. I’d love to stay in Pasquale’s pensione for a couple weeks. This is one of my favorite books and the story takes place all over the world, but this is my favorite setting. It is well-described and sounds like the perfect place to take a break, especially if your filming a great epic.

hard contact

Qiilura from Hard Contact by Karen Traviss: This series is one of my favorite from the SW galaxy. They appear to be fairly simple missions for a clone squad right after the Battle of Geonosis, but nothing turns out going according to plan. Could I join the squad?

What would be on your Literary Bucket List?  Where would you like to go? What would you like to experience?


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