Florence. IOS Game. (Mini Review)

Florence is a game about the life of a young woman named… Florence. She has a career, a love of art, a doting mother, and as we all do, a daily routine. One day she meets a person who causes her to somewhat break and change that routine. She and Krish may be on their way to finding love…

The gameplay and music mirror the characters’ emotions perfectly. The anticipation, the flirting, the fall. The puzzles are not complicated nor do they lead to great reveals, but symbolize both those rare and mundane moments of life. Most of the time we think we’re pretty sure of life’s possibilities, yet our own anxiety makes us pause and pause. The other side of that trepidation can be the connection, the kinship of a meaningful relationship. Lead designer Ken Wong and composer Kevin Penkin get this feeling and state perfectly.

It took me just over 2 hours to play. Not a terribly long game, but it is one whose story resonated with me. Florence is for anyone looking for a character/ plot driven game, wants to get away from the endless shoot-em-up/ coin-collecting games out there. Video games don’t normally do romance well, but Florence does.

5 out of 5 stars.


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