Vacation/ Hiatus/ Unplug Return

Hi All-

I have returned from my 3-week venture away from the interwebs. It was a good break from the constant barrage of media and notifications we are bombarded with every day. I was on vacation in The Sierras with my family for most of the three weeks. It was fun and at times… relaxing. (Btw no one ever tells you this before you have kids!)

I read some ARCs, and have written and scheduled those reviews. But I also read several books that had been on my Kindle for awhile, and a couple that have been recommended by reviewers I follow. I think I’ll even review some video games I’ve been playing lately.  I will write some mini reviews for those books/ games and post them throughout the next couple weeks. It was good to get “off schedule” for a bit.

I want to take the time to thank all of you who have continued to support my blog over the last 5+ months. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with you and building relationships through our common interest in literature. I will now have the time and ability to read your reviews and like/ comment on them. This blogging endeavor has added purpose and so much fun to my life. I have no plans to stop, but will definitely take another break next summer, something my family has done for many years.

Thanks again,


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