The Point by John Dixon

The Point finally lands a punch that Scarlett can’t dodge.

Wild child and high school senior, Scarlett Winters has a history of initiating unexplained phenomenon, times when her body has done things her mind cannot comprehend.  And after another series of shocking and mysterious events, she is given an offer to go to West Point, an offer she can’t refuse. Once there, she quickly finds out that she isn’t intended to study with the regular pleebs, and is put into The Point, a special school designed to help “Posthumanschannel their special abilities. A national crisis will test the students’ abilities against a rogue group of Posthumans. Will Scarlett and her friends be ready?

Dixon’s novel is filled with scenes of horror and ruthlessness, yet also determination and compassion. His building of each character’s powers is unique and convincing. And I appreciated the relationships that Scarlett built with her fellow cadets; I found them authentic and important to the development of all their characters. 

Mutant training, coming-of-age stories, government conspiracies. The Point by John Dixon is a hybrid of all the types of books I love to read. With a main character you can’t help to root for and a bevy of twists and reveals, this is a solid addition to any one of those genres.

4 out of 5 stars

Releases on August 7th, 2018.

Thank you to NetGalley, Random House/ Ballantine, and Del Rey Books for an advanced copy for review.

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