The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason’s The Winter Soldier is a strongly-written novel of a field hospital on the Eastern front of World War One.  Lucius is a young man from a family of means who finds medicine as an escape from the obligations of his birth. And when war breaks out with only a couple of years of... Continue Reading →

Hellbent by Gregg Hurwitz

There certainly are a lot of lone-wolf good guy/ gal, PI, do-gooder, antihero, vigilante types out there in the thriller world. Dark pasts, inner demons, trying to find closure for all the pain, trying to right all the wrongs... They're our guilty pleasures, the ones we root for, the ones who expose the secret government... Continue Reading →

Halcyon by Rio Youers

The Lovegrove family is desperate to find answers. On the surface, they are a typical American family: Laura is an English teacher at the local public high school. Martin is an architect working on the plans for a new shopping mall. Sheila is your average teenager, more interested in her social media accounts than listening... Continue Reading →

Death of a Clone by Alex Thomson

21 people on a mining asteroid. 17 clones. 3 Overseers. 6 Jays. 6 Bees. 5 Ays. 1 Ell. And One Killer. After humanity has exhausted the resources of precious metals in Earth, clones are sent far out in space, to asteroids to harvest zinc, platinum, and nickel. The Overseers direct the programmed perfection: the muscled... Continue Reading →

Small Country by Gael Faye

“Here, we’re privileged. There, we’re nobodies.” - A white expat husband tells his black Rwandan wife the stark reality of their life in Burundi as opposed to his native France in the 1990s. But the underlying message is that she needs to turn her back on the lower class Burundians and to 'know her place.'... Continue Reading →

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