Firefly by Henry Porter

He is a man who is employed to ‘find people.’ Out of the game for awhile, Paul Samson is asked to work the case of a young Syrian refugee who has seen too much. From Turkey to Greece to Macedonia, young Naji is running from a group of terrorists and needs help, but what is... Continue Reading →

Zero Sum Game by S.L. Huang

Cas Russell specializes in retrieval. With skills ranging from hand-to-hand combat to small arms fire to evasive driving, she is a force to be reckoned with... but what makes her special is an advanced working knowledge of all things mathematical. She has an equation for everything. The aiming vector for her snubnose, the results of... Continue Reading →

Vandals. A Short Story by Olen Steinhauer

An estate in Sonoma becomes the site of an incident that will forever change undercover FBI agent Rachel Proulx. Leaving the East Coast after a painful divorce, Rachel finds respite in a project to research and infiltrate revolutionary groups on the West Coast. Poking around bars in San Francisco brings her to a group of... Continue Reading →

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