The Chosen by Taran Matharu

Cade was framed for a crime he did not commit. Ashamed and embarrassed, he's just trying to make is through his year-long sentence in an alternative school. But one day he is told that the powers-that-be are moving him to another school in northern New York State. He doesn't remember the plane ride, yet Cade... Continue Reading →

Pie in the Sky by Remy Lai

Pie in the Sky is the story of a pair of brothers who have moved to Australia with their mother... sure, it's thousands of miles away from their home, but to them, it could be another planet. While Jingwen, aged 11, is homesick and has a rough time learning English, his nine-year-old brother, Yanghoa has... Continue Reading →

We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faiza

Zafira is The Demenhune Hunter. Dressed as a man, she safely enters the Arz, the forbidding evil woods encroaching on the lands, to kill game and bring back the meat to feed the starving people in her caliphate. Nasir is the son of the corrupt sultan. He is used by his father as an assassin... Continue Reading →

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