Discussion Post: Intimidated By Superheroes

I haven’t reviewed many superhero comics on the blog because I am concerned about getting it wrong: the backgrounds, the storylines, everything. Hesitant and intimidated and lost. Where do I start? Is there a website I can look at? DC or Marvel? Where is the big arrow that says: START HERE!

Star Wars is my go-to world to explore, and it’s the place I’ve spent the most time in. I’ve seen the films, read many books, watched the TV shows, played a couple video games, and perused several of the comics. I feel like I could pick up any book/ comic and jump right in.

A distant second is the world of Batman. The Animated Series from the early 90s was a huge part of my childhood. And from that I read a couple novelizations and I just read a couple more in the last 6 months. I was really into the Xbox360 games starting in about 2008. I feel comfortable in Gotham and with many of the villains, but there’s still part of the mythos that I am not familiar with, mostly the characters that show up only in the comics. I was talking to a friend of mine a little while ago, and he was telling me about a series he had been reading. He said, “Yeah, so Nightwing comes back and makes the decision to fight with this other guy…” I kinda nodded and smiled, and then feeling dumb, asked, “Who’s Nightwing again?” My friend was very nice and patient and explained the whole origin story.

To be honest, I have shied away from the Marvel movies because I feel like I won’t get ‘it.’ Y’know, Who that guy is and where she came from and why those guys are always so angry!?

With me and comic books, it comes down to the fact that with many of them there have been so many different authors and story arcs that it can be hard to figure out a good place to jump in. I think it can be hard to jump into any new genre or large series. Warhammer has piqued my interest at times, but from the outside looking in, I just don’t know if I have the time to explore it.

I am far from a completionist… but I never really believe people when they tell me that I don’t have to read the first 8 books of a series to understand this book. Ha!

I did get some good advice from my buddy, Lashaan over at Bookidote: “One of the biggest fears of every reader who wants to jump into the superhero game. There’s no wrong place to start, you just have to be willing to take the dive and to then let the stories guide your adventure.” I thank him for these wise words. The next day I jumped into Shazam! I will be posting that review soon.

Major rambling in this post, but what are your thoughts on this subject?

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  1. This is SO me with Marvel and DC. I really want to read them both but have such a hard time figuring out where to start because I never really read them as a kid. My son was wanting to get into comics a couple years ago and I decided to try. I found a cool site that has a reading order for Marvel and DC but the Marvel one looks more detailed. It’s Comic Book Herald. Right now for Marvel there is a “Fresh Start” option that starts in 2018, and a much longer option that will have you start back in the late 90’s and work your way to the present. Here’s the links:

    Long Version

    That page will show you the whole reading order. It’s super long but would be a fun thing to complete one day.

    Marvel Knights Era:

    The one above is the link to where the reading order starts back in 1998. If you are on the page for the first link it is under where it says “Marvel Earth-616 (Main Universe Continuity) Early 2000s Until Avengers Disassembled”

    Fresh Start Reading Order

    The above is apparently Marvel’s attempt to let new readers in that they did in 2018. Have no idea what it’s like because I haven’t read them.

    One cool thing you can do is get Marvel Unlimited for like $10 a month and can find most all of their stuff on an app for your e-reader.

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    1. This is awesome!! Thank you. A sage. A guru! That is what one needs to get into superheroes!

      My library app has a good deal of content, but it is just so hard to wade through. And my buddy has done the Marvel app and loved it. I may get into that if I can’t get what I want from Hoopla.

      Thanks again!!

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  2. I feel the same way. I was reading and reviewing some individual (mostly-nonsuperhero) graphic novel volumes for a while, but I’ve mostly stopped.

    I had three boxes of comics at my mom’s house from the very brief time I was a real comics reader. I brought them back last summer. I want to go through them and some point and write some posts.

    I also want to pick out some classic comics arcs and pick up omnibuses to read and review.

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    1. I think my only exposure to comics were some of my dad’s from the 50s that I found in my gma’s house. I spent most of my allowance on baseball cards when I was a kid.
      But now, I think I’d like to get started! It can be an expensive hobby though.

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  3. I love graphic novels but do not feel like I am missing out not reading about superheroes. But I get what you mean and it’s definitely holding me back some.

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  4. If my other reply doesn’t show up (maybe cuz it had links?) try Comic Book Herald. That site has reading orders for Marvel and DC. The Marvel one is very extensive with one reading list that starts with the late 90’s and works it’s way forward. To do it cheaply consider Marvel Unlimited which is like $10 a month. They have most all of their content uploaded to read through the app and new stuff is added every month.

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    1. I hear you!
      I guess I never had any friends or knew anyone who read them really. The extent of my reading was the comics section in the newspaper we used to pick up with donuts on Sundays. Ha!

      btw. I’ve got a post tomorrow I think you will really like. Stay tuned!


  5. Very good advice from Lashaan. I was much the same way when I first jumped into comics, but I did start at the beginning of an arc so I wasn’t jumping into the middle of an ongoing story. Over time, the two or three titles I picked up each month ballooned into dozens because I just wanted to know more and more about the characters and the world!

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    1. I’m having a really good time with the graphic novels I’ve picked up… but I think I’m ready to jump into the superhero game. I’ve seem some good reviews of ones that look interesting. Next month is the month!


  6. That’s some good advice from Lashaan and so true. I shied away from superhero comics too but a co-worker at my old job who loves them started giving me comics to read and I ended up liking a few. I just jumped in and it paid off.

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  7. I’ve tried to go through all the major X-Men storylines, starting from the ones published in the 60-ties. It turned into hard work after some time… now I just pick whatever catches my interest. And I learned that there is such a thing like progress! The way comics were written in half a century ago is just not palatable for me now… with notable exceptions, obviously 😉

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    1. I’m working my way through an anthology called “80 Years of Batman” right now, and I’m finding just that. The writing and the art are so different. Nice to go back for a little while, but I’ll probably just try to pick up a thread in the here and now.

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  8. I greatly appreciate the shout-out and kind words, good sir! I definitely admit that it’s super intimidation for someone to jump into superhero comics and know what they’re doing, but I think someone who really wants to do it will inevitably have to do some research beforehand. I’m glad you’re taking the plunge and I think it’s the best way to go. As long as you don’t take the plunge by picking up volume 12 of something. 😀

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